The mission of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is to cultivate a healthy and stigma-free society through transformative action. Collectively, through its predecessor agencies, SAAF has served the community for nearly 35 years by providing services to enhance the health and quality of life for those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and to assist people in preventing HIV, substance abuse, hepatitis C, and other sexually-transmitted infections. SAAF continually works to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, and focuses on evidence-based prevention programs to reach at-risk populations.

When you give to SAAF, you give a home to someone without a place to stay. You give a food box to someone who is hungry. When you give to SAAF you help prevent new infections.  You provide life-saving education.  You help reduce stigma.  When you give to SAAF, you are giving someone respect, kindness, and hope. You can help SAAF continue providing vital services by making your tax credit gift to SAAF today. Every gift provides hope, health, safety, love and connection to the people we serve. Together we can “cultivate a healthy and stigma-free community”.