Yes, It’s True –
You can direct your state tax dollars to support the work of local charities!

In Arizona, you choose where your money goes!

We are a group of organizations who joined forces to promote the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Our efforts have resulted in increased awareness and donations to nonprofits across Southern Arizona. While many other worthwhile nonprofits also qualify for the tax credit, the select group represented here consistently demonstrates a shared set of values and actively contributes to our ongoing awareness efforts.

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Choose one or more charities and follow the link to make a one-time donation, or set up recurring donations.

Claim your credit when you file your taxes.

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Feel Good!

• The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows you to donate to Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO’s) and Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization (QFCO’s) and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against your state income taxes owed.

• For a QCO, donate up to $421 for individuals, up to $841 for a married couple, filing jointly.

• For a QFCO, donate up to $526 for individuals, up to $1,051 for a married couple, filling jointly. You can donate to a private school, public school and to the military as well as to a QCO/QCFO.

In 2019, over 4 million tax credit dollars were donated to GiveLocalKeepLocal charities.
Here are some of the differences your contributions made:

• 5,000 high quality books given to low income children
• Sick children housed for 3,595 nights
• 550 hours of support services provided to people with disabilities and the elderly
• 20 family caregivers helped with respite care.
• Student pre-employment education provided for 100 youth with disabilities
• Job search assistance provided for 50 people with disabilities for one month
• Employment support services covered for 83 people with disabilities for one month
• 7,236 meals were provided to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities
• 189 children in Arizona’s foster care system were provided loving homes
• 911 parents attended parenting classes
• 10,000 children were diapered
• Prepared 1,000 hot nutritious meals for children
• Delivered 57,678 meals directly to the doors of elderly that can’t cook
• 235 children participated in full year or after-school programs

It’s True! With your tax credit donations, you can make an impact on the services provided by many Qualifying Charitable Organizations. When you donate to a QCO or QFCO you can receive a dollar for dollar tax credit.

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