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Helping people with HIV to live well


My name is Tim, and I have HIV.

It’s been a challenging journey at times. Fortunately, because generous people contribute to this wonderful nonprofit TIHAN, I haven’t been alone and I have received support. I will always remember TIHAN for helping find someone to do last rites for my late partner, something that was very important to both of us…
But most of TIHAN’s support has been focused on helping me live and be independent. You helped me get eyeglasses so I could see clearly again. You’ve provided me with Living Well classes, and Eating Well classes, and Planning Well classes too, all of them very helpful and informative, keeping me focused on being the best me.
I go to TIHAN’s Poz Café lunch program as often as I can. In addition to great food and social support, I am overwhelmed with gratitude seeing the outpouring of generosity from so many people and faith communities. You inspire me, reminding me that there are still good people in this world.
And I am happy to share my message: there can be hope in HIV. TIHAN has helped me find hope, again and again.
In every interaction with TIHAN, I see so many people working in the background who help–not for any accolades, but because you care and you make me feel special. Thanks for contributing to TIHAN and making my life better. — Tim