Homicide Survivors, Inc. is on a mission to help meet the crisis and long term needs of families of murder victims through support, advocacy, and assistance.


After Gail Leland’s 14-year-old son, Richard, was murdered in 1981, she recognized the need for support for parents of murdered children. She founded the charter chapter of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) in Tucson, Arizona, on February 19, 1982, which later became Homicide Survivors, Inc (HSI). HSI is the only non-profit that specializes in providing comprehensive services to this unique population. We recognize that the aftermath of murder affects not only immediate family members, but communities as a whole. That is why, thank to generous community support, our services are free of charge to family and friends of the victim(s). Through our monthly survivor-facilitated support groups, weekly trauma-informed yoga, “Walk & Talk” walking support group, and seasonal equine therapy, we offer Survivors a variety of opportunities to engage and meet others who are embarking on a similar journey. Our court advocacy program ensures that Survivors are supported through the criminal justice system. HSI offers quarterly community events and annual memorial events for Survivors to re-engage into their communities and serve others, while also commemorating the memory and life of their loved one.