Greater Vail Community Resources

ReSources, through the coordinated efforts of our community partners, will help feed the hungry, care for seniors, clothe the needy and support the youth while treating everyone with love, respect and dignity.


Food insecurity impacts the current and future health and development of children, weakening the workforce and increasing public costs. Research on school-aged children reveals that food insecurity negatively impacts school engagement which translates to lower math and reading scores as well as impaired social skills. Those at-risk for hunger children also exhibits higher levels of hyperactivity, absenteeism and tardiness. Greater Vail Community ReSources (aka ReSources) addresses the issue of food insecurity in our community through many areas. ReSources is an agency of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

This past month we served 208 families totaling 776 people. ReSources also has a Backpack weekend food program which provides food to 110 food insecure students in the Vail School District. And we have just begun a program to provide meals to Seniors who are not able to get out of their homes.ReSources hears about family situations frequently where the parent(s) have issues and cannot work or have limited work. The Vail Food Bank frequently provides food to help them get to the next pay check. And the weekend backpack program provides food for the children.

“Many of our students look forward to their food bags, so much so, that sometimes they show up early to receive it so they can have a snack in the afternoon on Fridays. Several of the students are athletes or from multi-children families. This is such an AMAZING program that truly helps feed our hungry students! Thank you for blessing our students and our youth with this much needed program.” -from a Student Service Coordinator from a high school in the Vail School District.