Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse provides the opportunity to create, sustain, and celebrate a life free from abuse.

mother with her newborn baby

For nearly 10 years, Betty endured physical, verbal, and economic abuse from her husband.  Despite her husband threatening to lie and manipulate the legal system to get her arrested if she told anyone about the abuse, Betty decided to confide in a close friend about the abuse she was experiencing. The friend remembered seeing a billboard in town with information about Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse and together they called the 24/7 bilingual hotline. Emerge! staff brought Betty and her 2 month old daughter into the emergency shelter immediately.

Betty worked hard with Emerge! staff during her time at the shelter to provide stability for her daughter and begin her own healing, while adjusting to a new environment.  Following her stay at the shelter, Betty joined Emerge!’s Renewal Program, which provides support securing permanent housing.  Betty was able to realize her goal of finding permanent, affordable housing along with discovering her internal strengths that helped her create a safe and healthy environment for herself and for her daughter.

Throughout Betty’s healing process she has shown resiliency, determination, and perseverance. Betty has now divorced from her husband and focusing on advancing in her workplace. Betty has embraced her new life – saying that she is enjoying the “space to breathe” after being in a controlling relationship for so long. She now knows the warning signs of abuse and will not enter into another abusive relationship. Betty says today she knows who she is.